Fund raising project

The School was founded in 1957 to meet the needs of Swedish pilots for schooling for their children and has, over the years, had a fluctuating number of students, currently holding approximately 60 students from ages 1-15 years old. The house and land was bought in 1981 with financial support from Swedish companies.

Over a three year period there has been an increase in students by approximately 200 %.

We are proud to have the school’s 60th anniversary this year which will be combined with a major upgrade of the facilities, building and general standard of education.

The total need of investments in the Swedish School in Lisbon (SSL) is 140.000 euros which partly will be financed by the Swedish government, parents, income bringing events and sponsorship.

The outside areas such as entrance, playground and football pitch are available for sponsorship by Swedish connected companies and other interested parties.

Take the opportunity to support Svenska Skolan in Lisbon and strengthen your connection to the Scandinavian community which has great power of purchase!

As contributor you will get:
♣ your name or the name of your company by the main entrance
♣ a short description of your company on the schools web page
♣ your company name or logo on the jungle gyms. (gold and silver sponsors only)

Different options:

Gold sponsor – 5.000 Euros or more
Silver sponsor – 3.000 Euros
Bronze sponsor – 1.000 Euros
Private Person – 500 Euro or more

I am hoping that You are interested to join in! If you want to know more, see the architect’s plans for the school yard or discuss any other form of cooperation, do not hesitate to get in touch!

For further details please find the areas and needs for your sponsorship.

For sponsorship contacts please get in touch with:
Jonas Andersson-Junkka, Vice-Chairman Svenska skolan
+351 936488626

Sponsorships so far

Payment instructions

See here for more information regarding
♠ Sports area 

♠ Activity area

♠ Play area 

♠ Swings area